Thirty years ago, Wisconsin native Steve Appolloni found himself with a hammer in his hand and a master craftsman at his side.  The late Jack McAdams was an old-world artisan who shared his extensive knowledge with Steve, teaching him the art of fine woodworking and craftsmanship.

Steve, a professional musician at the time, enjoyed working with wood, and started a company in 1980 with Jack McAdams, Jr., who was a well-rounded entrepreneur and craftsman.

In 1986, Steve and his family relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He gave up his music career and was hired by a local remodeling company, where he soon became their most prolific salesman.  While working as a liaison between the clients and the architects, Steve discovered that he had a natural ability for design.

Steve has always created outside the box and New Mexico has afforded him the freedom to explore many varied design styles and to work with true artisans.

While he's carefully listening to the clients’ needs and wants, Steve is also looking at what is there, how it’s being used, how it might be better used.  He's looking for several design options most people may overlook.  He believes that one must be educated to all of the options available in order to make the best decision.

Always learning, Steve studied business and marketing.  With this knowledge and his experience in design and sales, Steve became an integral part of building five nationally recognized, award-winning remodeling companies.

Dedicated exclusively to the remodeling industry, Steve has developed a process he calls Custom DryFit.  Intended as a means of coping with the shortage of skilled workmen, it proved to have many other attributes that benefited the remodeler and client alike.

To that same end, Steve has now developed a company Euro Fe.  Euro Fe is a custom line of cabinets that incapsulates all the knowledge and practical learnings from thirty years in the remodeling industry.

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