Steve Appolloni © 2014

Our new Asian line of cabinets has strong yet simple lines. The steel structures are stronger and lighter than our standard wood option. The use of steel created new challenges, but continues to unveil benefits that wood couldn't offer.  The bamboo compliments the steel offering distinct character and warmth. The triple door design reflects a potted plant growing in the sun. The stranded bamboo core is also exposed behind the handles to show its beauty.

Euro Fe Asian Kitchen Remodel

Photo and Graphics credits Luis Molina Robinson


• Steel structures.

• Bamboo faces.

• Stainless steel drawer sides, full height with 1/2" thick bottoms.

• Angled base cabinets eliminate the need for a toe kick and maximize cabinet capacity. We now offer four and five drawers as a standard feature.

• Pop up appliance garage saves two feet of base cabinet vs using a lazy susan. It can also be a microwave lift.

• The pull out upper corner cabinet gains greater access and can be used for other hard to reach areas.

• The shelving system has an infinite adjustment, eliminating the need for shelf pins. The support system is inset from the side walls to provide better support for wider cabinets.

• The canvas backed interiors add yet another special touch of quality.

• These exposed steel structures can be any color and should one ever want a change, the wood elements can be changed for a fraction of the costs to give a whole new look to your kitchen.

The floor choice is Marmoleum. It's softer and warmer than tile and is Eco friendly.